Tweetie Bird’s Yodeling/YOLOing Tuesday Taboo

Tweet Tweet. No FAQ guy, not Twitter.

– Well its been a pretty adventurous week since Henry Hill last wrote.  Kentucky beat Kansas for the National Championship, which included a Brian Long photo bomb, and a rare Sam Malone interview in Jakeboy’s new found nest, Bawstan.  It was a pretty exciting time as UK finally captured #8 and told the h8ers to finally get off of them.  See what I did there with h8ers? No FAQ guy, I see no formal relation, figuring that you misspelled “haters.” YOLO

– What does Tweetie Bird and Yodeling have to do with this post?  Well other than the obnoxious mountain woman yodeling in my attic, nothing.  I think I’m going to pull out my .44 on her.

– Saw a Lambo today.  Cool Story Bro… You are a cool story FAQ guy.

– Well the big decisions of Nerlens, or the flat top feller, and Muhammed Shabazz Shabazz Muhammed are tomorrow night on ESPNU.  But before they announce, Kanye West is going to come out of nowhere and snatch the mic from them, and proceed to hand it to old man Bobby Knight.  From there, he will tell both players they must go to Indiana, forgetting that they are not white guys by the name of Bugsy, or Al. (Sense a Chicago mob reference there?)  They also don’t wear short shorts. But anywho, I hope they both come to Kentucky, although I believe only one will.  To complete the Trifecta we could also get Alex Teriyaki  Oriakhi.  Then we could name them Kool and the Gang.

– Well, Bobby Petrino got fired today, after having a relationship with a woman on a motorcycle.  I think that came out a tad wrong.  He was having a relationship with a woman who he was also having a relationship with.  She was 25.  He is in his 50’s.

– Well, do you think I should start another sentence with well?

– WELL here’s you some Kool and the Gang.


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