Primetime’s Monday Night Memories

– No! FAQ guy!  No! Not primetime at the Apollo!  Not the Apollo Theater!  Ugh! I should have never let you write this post!

– Well today’s post is actually about Primetime.  No, not Primetime at the Apollo, but Deion Sanders “Primetime.” Today he apparently got “jumped” when in his house.  It was apparently his wife and her friend that jumped him, so he did the only logical thing that he could think of, live tweet it.  Yes, he live tweeted the domestic assault and even sent out a picture of he and his kids filling out police reports.  Greatness is what it is.  I’m planning on live tweeting my adventures at lunch tomorrow, so follow me. 

– Yeah, we still are the National Champions.

– Since we have last posted, we found out that all five UK starters will be going to the NBA draft, and Nerlens Noel shaved his head with a UK logo.  Pretty awesome.

I’m a honky tonk man.  FAQ guy! I swear if you hack my post one more time…

– Metta World Peace became Ron Artest again after elbowing James Harden in the face.  In his postgame speech he said something to the extent of ” I just dunked on Kendrick Perkins and Serge Ibaka, so I got a little excited.  It was just unfortunate that Harden’s face was right there.”  What an idiot.  Yes, I realize you dunked on Kendrick Perkins, but it’s not like dunking on him is very difficult.  (see below)  Go away Metta World Peace Violence

– That’s it for today folks.

Oh me oh my!


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