Adam Morrison’s Tad Too Thankful Tuesday Taboo

Cheer up Adam! It’s the Tad Too Thankful Tuesday Taboo!!

– Man, Adam Morrison had one hell of a moustachio back in the day.  I was searching for forgotten college basketball players to fill the role of the Tad Too Thankful Tuesday Taboo’s notes, but I was unsuccessful in really finding any great ones.  So, since I had Adam Morrison hanging out in my basement reading naughty magazines  in my back left pocket, I decided to just use him.  He looks pretty cool.  TJ Ford, maybe you can make a different post.  I just didn’t think you were ready for the job.

– I thought of pairing Adam with Josh Hamilton.  The ex-Red from a long time ago just went off on dem foo’s hitting a record 4 home runs in one game.  He had 8 RBI’s also.  In other news, I hit 4 home runs with the tennis ball in my backyard once.  It’s not that hard to do.  I was suppose’ to be a franchise  playa.  (see below)

– Adam Morrison is just out thur’ doing it big in his Nike Aurs and Crispy Tees No FAQ guy, I have banished the use of any Chingy song on this website.

– Moving on! Ron Artesting for Major World Peace says that he did not call James Harden after elbowing him in the face.  He said that as long as he was healthy, there was no reason to call him.  Well, yea, other than that kinda small reason that you elbowed him in the face.  

– Jeremy Lin is likely out the rest of the Heat/Knicks series like it matters at all.  It doesn’t matter at all.  If they put Jorts in, they would probably win, but no Jorts=no win.  

– TNT just showed a cut in of Birdman eating a quesadilla before his upcoming game against the Lakers.  They could not have picked a more random person to put the camera one, and they could not have picked a more random object for Birdman to be holding.  No one would be surprised if it was a heroin tattoo needle, but a quesadilla?

– BTW, yesterday was the 10 year anny of this, so I couldn’t pass it up. How the hell could I make my teammates better by practicin’? 


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