Smooth Summer Showcase: Rekalin Simms

– Hi! I’m BD.  Nice to meet you.  Some of you may notice the new title “Smooth Summer Showcase.”  What could that mean BD, you say.  Well, young FAQ guy, it is a little experiment that BD is putting together.  Since the Summer is a slow time for us here at the RD headquarters, I thought we will do a little something new.  Throughout the summer I will be bringing you a different long lost UK basketball player as the title/picture/bio blast of the post.  Of course, these players won’t be the well known players, they will be the unique players.  So let’s start off post 1 with one of the greatest of all time, Rekalin Simms.

– Rekalin Simms played in the early 2000’s for both UK and UGA.  He best known for getting arrested many a time.

I invented instagram!  Come buy my catheter! I’m a honky tonk man! Ugh.  No FAQ guy.  That’s not funny.  It has been used before, therefore it is no longer funny.

– Well UK obtained a new indentured servant transfer by the name of Julius Mays.  He is an excellent 3 shooter, and is the missing piece in our 250 piece grandmother puzzle.

Tambein  Also, JT was very happy yesteryearday as Joey from Friends Votto hit a walk-off grand slam.  Go Redlegs!

– Think you have had enough lines through my words?  Let’s send it to someone that knows a whole lot about lines.  And by lines I mean hypothetical lines.  And by hypothetical lines, I mean lines that are illegal things.  And by that I mean Cocaine.  And by Cocaine, I mean lines of cocaine narcotics…. Get it! Hah!

– That man is Robin Williams/Rekalin Simms.

That is all.


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