Waymond’s International Friday Notes


Hey! You can’t do that!! FAQ guy you just ask for this, don’t you?

It’s summer. I am out of the country, BD is out playing guf, and the RD headquarters are filled with cobwebs. Well, here is that one post that comes maybe once every two weeks.

– The Heat won. LeBron got his ring. ESPN needs to calm down.

– Speaking of ESPN, the terrible show, “First Take” featuring the most hated sports media member in the world, Skip Bayless, had probably the best verbal owning ever this morning. For some random reason, Mark Cuban was a guest and was just really pissed and took it out on Skip Bayless and made him look like a fool. It was great for all the people that don’t like Bayless or are incredibly annoyed by him, which is basically everyone in the world. That Castro guy was on the sports show? No FAQ guy… no.

– In my opinion, I think LeBron will win at least 3 more. Although he did it in a pretty douchey way, by saying “screw you NBA, let’s mess up the system and make an all-star team” and leaving Cleveland, I still respect him and hope he does win more.

– The Euro 2012 championships are pretty awesome. Portugal is on to the semis along with Germany. My prediction to win it all: I’m going with the underdogs Portugal and BD’s boy Ronaldo. It’s a long shot to beat Germany but for some reason I think they will.

– The NY Mets closer called the Yankees “chickens.” This made the headline ticker for ESPN.com. That just flat out tells you nothing is going on in the sports world.

That wraps it up for today. I know all you millions of viewers were looking forward to a post and I hope this delivered.


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