Smooth Summer Showcase Part III: Derrick Miller


– That’s right ladies and gents, its your main man BD, all back up in here.  I’ve learned some new slang since the last time we saw each other.  Your other main man JR is still in some South America cartel country at the moment, but he should be back soon, so don’t miss him to much.

– That’s right, it’s Derrick Miller, not Durius Darius Milller.

– The NBA summer league is in full effect at the current moment and the UK guys are doing pretty good.  Nappy Boy Derren Doron Lamb went off for 20 against Derrick Darius Miller’s Hornets.  Miller dropped 11 like it’s hot, so drop it like it’s hot.  Alright FAQ guy can we please stop quoting the Snoop Doggy Doggy aka the D, O, double G…. Someone knows their Snoop Doggy Dogg….Please, shut up FAQ guy, shut up.

– Enough dashes yet? No!

Anthony Davis is on the U.S. Olympic team after Blake Griffin’s injury.  He didn’t see any time against Brazil in their last game but that is because the game was close.  I still am wondering why and how Carmelo Anthony finds himself in the starting lineup over Kevin “Durantula” Durant.

– The Open Championship, also known as the British Open is this week and BD is excited.  Hopefully Tiger, Tiger Woods Y’all can pull this one out.

The baseball season is in full swing at the moment.  JT’s boy Joey Votto is injured and will be out for a month, which is really making it harder for those Redlegs to stay in first place.  David Ortiz injured his foot rounding the bases on a home run and will be out awhile.  Also, @joeybatts Jose Bautista got injured.  Injuries all around!  This is a big week in baseball, as we are past the all-star break.  Only 872 games left for the Reds since we are now halfway through the season.  

– No. One. Cares.  Let’s get onto more interesting things… Like the Sugarhill Gang!


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