Smooth Summer Showcase Part IV: Souleymane Camara

Welcome to Part IV! What? You say sequels aren’t as good as the originals?  Well clearly, my friend, you haven’t seen Souleymane Camara’s Smooth Summer Showcase.

– Souleymane, also known by his CIA name as Jules, Camara, played in the early 2000’s.  He had to redshirt his Freshman season in 2000 after breaking the schools alcohol policy. Years later, he broke the governments alcohol policy by drinking and driving.  He apparently was driving alone and jumped into the back seat when he got pulled over claiming he was not the one driving the car.  I believe that deserves a smooth summer showcase…

– JR’s back in the States! Everybody celebrate! Jump Around! FAQ guy, I thought you were on probation from this site, and, I HATE Sir Mix-A-Lot. It gets the people going! 

– RIP Doron Lambs uncle!  But follow his Aunt forrea… She needs followers…

– Need more “…?” Good.  Because I’m not giving you anymore.

– Of course Penn State is taking over the news, and Stephen A. Smph and Skip Bayless are going at each other about what they think about the punishments.  Hey, at least we won the 1999 Outback Bowl by default!  Stone Cold Willow is the 1999 Outback Bowl Heavyweight Champion! #kentuckyrattlesnake

Ichiro got traded to the Yankees, because the millions out there really care.  Well guess what Yankees, what do you have to say about this picture?  Taken from @sportsguy33. It actually is a pretty good picture.  Suck it JR!

– Well that’s it for today.  Were just celebrating JR’s return back into the New York Groove.  Oh, yea, and this…

– Conseguir que la acción deficiente de aquí, Sanchez.



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