Smooth Summer Showcase Part V: Adam Williams

Look at this Hoss-cat.  Get it, because he played for the cats…

– Yes, you are reading this right.  Who is Adam Williams you may ask? Well, Adam Williams played on the 2006 Kentucky team and then transferred to Marshall the following year.  As you can see, the man was a stud on and off the court.  He got every loose ball in practice, tried harder than all the others, and worked overtime in the gym to get stronger.  You may say that this describes every white basketball player ever, but Adam Williams was not your normal “workaholic.”  He cheered hard for his teammates on the sideline, and was always the first one off the bench to congratulate teammates.  Oh, wait, I guess he was your typical white player…

– The Olympics are in full swing.  Did I use that phrase last time.  Yes!  Do you want to taste this palm in your face? No!  Thought so.  Merica’s leading the medal count if that even means anything.  To me, if you have 600 athletes you should lead the medal count.  Clearly the Independent Olympic Athletes are not going to win, because there is 4 of them... Michael Phelps broke the record for most medals, which makes me wonder what he does with all of them.  Does he just throw away is bronzes… I mean he doesn’t need them…

– Let’s just say that beach volleyball has been a big letdown because it has been to cold to wear bikinis.

– On a non-sports related topic, Snoop Dogg changed his name to Snoop Lion, which also baffles me.  I guess Snoop Doggy Dogg Lion is going for a more reggae look, even though he is abandoning the name that made him famous.  I’m going to miss my Snoop Doggy Dogg. I guess it is just a Lion-y Lion world now.

– The Reds have the best record in baseball.

– So in honor of Snoop Lion, a little reggae to finish us off…

FAQ guy special: Here’s another picture of Adam Williams!

I don’t think that’s the right one…


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