Smooth Summer Showcase: Alex Groza

– Well folks, believe it or not, we have reached the end of the summer.  This means that we here at the RD headquarters are wrapping up our Smooth Summer Showcase, with only one more edition upcoming.  Hey! Summer doesn’t officially end until next month!  Who let him in?  JT? Was it you? JT! Come back here boy!

– Bio Blast: Alex Groza was a member of the 1945- 1949 UK basketball teams.  He was later banned from the NBA for point-shaving in college. To hell with David Stern!  Alex also won two national championships and is considered one of the top ten players to play at Kentucky.  His brother, Lou Groza, was an NFL kicker, and has the end of the year kicking award named after him.  Though not convicted, Alex was reportedly investigated by the NCAA for receiving improper benefits from Adolph Rupp.  The NCAA alleged thatRupp gave Alex 15 cents for a ham and cheese sandwich, along with a soda pop” during his recruitment.

– Moving on, ESPN really should call a doctor, because they have been covering Tebow’s every move for more than 4 hours.  Did you know that Tebow turned 25 yesterday?  Well if you had turned it on ESPN yesterday, you would have quickly found out.  It was the second story on Sportscenter, and Skip Bayless dressed up as a wise man and made Tebow a birthday cake.  ESPN took little Timmy to a bowling alley last night to celebrate his 25th, and even allowed Skip Bayless to forever have a Tebow memory, by allowing him a picture with his idol.  

– Chad Johnson Ochocinco Johnson was arrested for head-butting his wife, and then he was released by the dolphins.  Smooth move Ochocinco Johnson.

Did you know it was Tim Tebow’s birthday????

– Now I give you a video of Demarcus Cousins dribbling through Marquis Jeff Teague’s legs. Have a fantastic day.


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