Smooth Summer Showcase, the Final: Ralph Carlisle

Triple Threat!

– When you think of UK basketball, you immediately think of Ralph Carlisle.  The man was two-time All-SEC, in his only two years at the school.  Soon after James Naismith created the game of basketball, a young Ralphie would practice tossing peaches and apples into baskets for fun.  Occasionally he would steal watermelons, so that he could practice with bigger objects, much against the will of his mother.  Carlisle went on to coach his alma mater, Lafayette high school to a few state championships during his run in the 1950’s.  He was also once featured in Bottle Tops in Lexington’s 10 richest Lexington basketball coaches.

– Augusta National accepted their first two female members today, accepting Condoleezza Rice as one of their members.  They did have to go into downtown Augusta to ensure that they had spelled her name right.

– The Titans named Jake Locker-Boxer as their starting quarterback.  I’m sorry to bore you, but it is a pretty slow day.

If you need to buy or sell NBA tickets, the NBA league office is creating a website for you to do it.  Thanks ESPN! That totally deserved a headline.

-Since it is a pretty slow news day, I’m going to leave you with a double dose of videos.  Yeah! Videos! This is like Double Jeopardy! A classic movie scene, and man does Demarcus Cousins love dribbling between the legs!


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