Kublai Khan’s Friday Note Sesh


BIOBLAST: Kublai Khan was the 5th Great Khan of the Mongol Empire from 1260-1294 and also the founder of the Yuan Dynasty in China.

I’m back. Now on to those cherished notes..

– College football is back and is headlined tomorrow night with Michigan facing Alabama at the Dallas Cowboy Stadium. Really not sure who wins this one, but I think it is possible for Denard and Co to pull the upset.


– There is a mutiny going on a Texas Tech right now with Billy Gillispie. How in the world did he do well at Texas A&M? It still doesn’t make sense to me.

– In futbol talk, American Clint Dempsey signed with Tottenham to play with BD’s boy Garrath Bale, and another one of BD’s boys, Luca Modric. —-Actually… after googling Luca Modric, apparently he was transfered to Madrid. Shame..

Andy Roddick said he will retire after this US open. However, he still is married to Brooklyn Decker so walking away from the sport he loves isn’t all that bad.

– The baseball postseason race is heating up. The Yankees are doing well and leading the AL East, while BD’s Red Sox are absolutely sucking and trading all their good players away.

– The Oakland A’s, Baltimore Orioles, Washington Nationals, and Pittsburg Pirates are all above 500, in the thick of the wildcard race, and in the National’s case, leading their division. This is not a joke. The teams that I have grown up to know as the absolute worst and always bad season after season are all doing well. As Chris Rock would say, “Thaaa hellllll?” 

 That is all for now. NFL starts up soon which should be pretty exciting only because of fantasy football, but I’ll leave you with some Luca Modric and some MGMT. I love those techno electronico guys MGMT!! FAQ guy I avoided you all post. Fah Real? …. Well with that, I will see you millions of viewers soon.

Luca after watching ^^^


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