Fred McFeely Rogers’ Tuesday Night Taboo


Fred McFeely Rogers, better known as Mr. Rogers was born in 1928. Mr. Rogers is the most well-known children’s show in all history, and it also provided for one of the creepier TV shows and hosts during its run.  What is more creepy than a man in a cardigan hosting a children’s TV show.

– Well UK frankly got killed by Louisville on Sunday.  #Sundayfunday was not very fun for the UK defense.  Frankly the UK defense sucked.  They really sucked.  Hey, did I mention they sucked.


– Just kidding no one cares about D4.

– The Honey Badger does care enough to enroll in classes at LSU.  There is no timetable for his return to the football.  He should start attending classes soon, but we know, just like Julius Peppers, he probably does not have to do very much.  I mean the man doesn’t care.  Wait, has that joke been worn out yet? I don’t think people have used it enough lately.

Man, baseball is really intense right now!

Sorry JT.

– Just like the backup quarterback is the most popular person on the roster, the backup fantasy football commissioner is the most popular in the league.  People never seem to like their commissioners. (ahem, DC, change the league settings, please)

– I find myself pulling for Andy Roddick in his final U.S. Open.  I just really want him to win.  C’mon Andy, c’mon! Now, how bout some Stones?  I can’t hear you! How bout some Stones?? WOOOOOOO!!!! YEAAA!!! STONES!!


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