The Redlegs Tuesday Night Taboo


– Wait, FAQ guy! The one time I let YOU choose the picture you don’t even get the right redlegs! I thought! I thought that was right! I really NO! That’s not the right redleg.  I’m talking about the Cincinnati Reds!  Could you be more dumb!

– Ugh. Still can’t get over that.

– Speaking of the Redlegs, the Reds are currently tied in the 9th inning 1-1 to the Giants.  They just need one more victory to move on to the next round, and Chapman is striking everyone out.  Like a moral victory!? Stop. You are suspended for a week.  UPDATE: Extra Innings.

– My favorite night of the year is tonight.  No not because baseball is actually mildly interesting for 2-3 innings, but the BET Awards are on!  While they aren’t live, you still get to listen to your favorite artists such as Rick Rozay!

– Mr. Sandusky got 30 years.  That is all. 

– That was the first time we have ever talked about Jerry on the site, and also the last.

– I think its going to be Jakeboy’s hero, Tim Tebow time up in New York.  The Jets are 2-3 and the most famous punt protecter/waterboy in the NFL may get a shot at quarterback.  Marky-Mark Sanchez hasn’t been able to produce lately, so they might have to pull Tebow off the practice special teams squad.

– Well since I mentioned Marky-Mark, why not give the fans a little Marky-Mark?  Eh? Wadda say! I’ve been watching way to much baseball, I’m sorry.

Go Dream Team!


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