We Want Prenup, We Want Prenup’s Tuesday Prenup

What does this rando pic of Gerald Ford have to do with this post?? Nothing at all!

– Yes, today is prenup day here on RD.  It has been awhile since we posted on here, so RD made JR and me sign a prenup in case anything happens in our relationship.  I think we are ok, but RD made us do it.  What’s a prenup!?!? Just go look it up for yourself.  

– Well, since we last posted, the Reds pulled a typical Cincy playoff choke.  JR’s theory of Cincinnati sports teams in the playoffs is held up.  It looked (after going up 2-0) that the Reds would be the favorite to win the World Series.  Now, they are out of it, and everyone has gone back to not caring.  Wait, you say you didn’t care in the first place?  Oh, same here, I was just afraid to say it.  

Ozzie Guilen was fired today.  Oh, yea, I forgot about how much you care.  Sorry to bore you…

– Ndamikingkong Suh I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE!!! had a very dirty hit on Jay Cutler last night, ripping his helmet off in the process.  I hate Jay Cutler and think he’s an all-american prick, but hey it was a pretty bad hit.  I’m surprised Cutler didn’t fake another injury, like he did in the playoffs last season.  Brandon Marshall was not too thrilled, and he defended his quarterback.  Brandon Marshall should stick to getting 2 fantasy points a week….

We want prenup!

– JR’s boy Chicharito had two goals today in Man Utd.’s game.  Go Chicharito!

– They are trying to get the rims lowered in women’s basketball.  I would be down for the idea, because it would be funny to watch women attempt to dunk on each other.  And Hot! Not if Brittany Griner is out there…. That just makes it easier for her to dunk.

– Now I will leave you with some random Heart.  No! BD! I have Spades! But I do like me some Barra-Barra-Barracuda! 



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