Rocky Bernard’s Tuesday “Sugar Bear Shake”

Do that Sugar Bear Shake, Rocky!  

BIOBLAST: Rocky Bernard is a defensive lineman currently playing for the NY Giants that has the best sack dance ever..ever.

Whoa, long time. I am going to pretend that there isn’t anything very important going on right now. You mean the election? No FAQ guy, I mean the Ball State, Toledo matchup that has taken front cover of ESPN.

On to those majestic notes..

Joker was fired. Now the interesting part is who ole’ Mitch B is going to hire. I really hope it is Southern fried chicken eatin’, sweet tea drinkin’ Sonny Dykes. He has done incredible at Louisiana Tech and would hopefully bring promise to UK.

– The NBA just started up. BD’s boy, Austin Rivers, has not done too well so far. Most likely turning out to be a terrible draft pick, New Orleans’ point man elbowed Anthony Davis in the face giving him a concussion. #Douchebag

– The NFL is going strong heading into week 10. Yes, the Eagles have done terrible so far I know.. but I think they turn it around starting next week. My early superbowl pick is BD’s 49ers vs the Texans.

– BD might be a little upset after that fantasy beat down this past weekend. What is fantasy football? FAQ guy I am going to politely ask you to leave.

– A small observation, but this baseball season and world series seemed so unimportant that even Sports Illustrated, infamous for making their title cover the most recent championship ignored the San Fierro Giants 4-0 win against the Tigers.

– The Honey Badger Tyrann Mathieu seems like he is going to end up the focus of a future ESPN 30 for 30 film for the topic of “who could have been.” Pretty sad because he is such a good player and apparently also a huge fan of the so called “mary jane.”

– In much more exciting news, college basketball is starting up. Very, very, very, very excited. 

That’s it for this note session. I hope this note session let you  take your mind off this tight election. Oh and for our countless international viewers, don’t worry about it. Finally, here’s that much anticipated suga bear shake.




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