Rocky Bernard’s Tuesday “Sugar Bear Shake”

November 7, 2012

Do that Sugar Bear Shake, Rocky!  

BIOBLAST: Rocky Bernard is a defensive lineman currently playing for the NY Giants that has the best sack dance ever..ever.

Whoa, long time. I am going to pretend that there isn’t anything very important going on right now. You mean the election? No FAQ guy, I mean the Ball State, Toledo matchup that has taken front cover of ESPN.

On to those majestic notes..

Joker was fired. Now the interesting part is who ole’ Mitch B is going to hire. I really hope it is Southern fried chicken eatin’, sweet tea drinkin’ Sonny Dykes. He has done incredible at Louisiana Tech and would hopefully bring promise to UK.

– The NBA just started up. BD’s boy, Austin Rivers, has not done too well so far. Most likely turning out to be a terrible draft pick, New Orleans’ point man elbowed Anthony Davis in the face giving him a concussion. #Douchebag

– The NFL is going strong heading into week 10. Yes, the Eagles have done terrible so far I know.. but I think they turn it around starting next week. My early superbowl pick is BD’s 49ers vs the Texans.

– BD might be a little upset after that fantasy beat down this past weekend. What is fantasy football? FAQ guy I am going to politely ask you to leave.

– A small observation, but this baseball season and world series seemed so unimportant that even Sports Illustrated, infamous for making their title cover the most recent championship ignored the San Fierro Giants 4-0 win against the Tigers.

– The Honey Badger Tyrann Mathieu seems like he is going to end up the focus of a future ESPN 30 for 30 film for the topic of “who could have been.” Pretty sad because he is such a good player and apparently also a huge fan of the so called “mary jane.”

– In much more exciting news, college basketball is starting up. Very, very, very, very excited. 

That’s it for this note session. I hope this note session let you  take your mind off this tight election. Oh and for our countless international viewers, don’t worry about it. Finally, here’s that much anticipated suga bear shake.




Kublai Khan’s Friday Note Sesh

September 1, 2012


BIOBLAST: Kublai Khan was the 5th Great Khan of the Mongol Empire from 1260-1294 and also the founder of the Yuan Dynasty in China.

I’m back. Now on to those cherished notes..

– College football is back and is headlined tomorrow night with Michigan facing Alabama at the Dallas Cowboy Stadium. Really not sure who wins this one, but I think it is possible for Denard and Co to pull the upset.


– There is a mutiny going on a Texas Tech right now with Billy Gillispie. How in the world did he do well at Texas A&M? It still doesn’t make sense to me.

– In futbol talk, American Clint Dempsey signed with Tottenham to play with BD’s boy Garrath Bale, and another one of BD’s boys, Luca Modric. —-Actually… after googling Luca Modric, apparently he was transfered to Madrid. Shame..

Andy Roddick said he will retire after this US open. However, he still is married to Brooklyn Decker so walking away from the sport he loves isn’t all that bad.

– The baseball postseason race is heating up. The Yankees are doing well and leading the AL East, while BD’s Red Sox are absolutely sucking and trading all their good players away.

– The Oakland A’s, Baltimore Orioles, Washington Nationals, and Pittsburg Pirates are all above 500, in the thick of the wildcard race, and in the National’s case, leading their division. This is not a joke. The teams that I have grown up to know as the absolute worst and always bad season after season are all doing well. As Chris Rock would say, “Thaaa hellllll?” 

 That is all for now. NFL starts up soon which should be pretty exciting only because of fantasy football, but I’ll leave you with some Luca Modric and some MGMT. I love those techno electronico guys MGMT!! FAQ guy I avoided you all post. Fah Real? …. Well with that, I will see you millions of viewers soon.

Luca after watching ^^^

Waymond’s International Friday Notes

June 22, 2012


Hey! You can’t do that!! FAQ guy you just ask for this, don’t you?

It’s summer. I am out of the country, BD is out playing guf, and the RD headquarters are filled with cobwebs. Well, here is that one post that comes maybe once every two weeks.

– The Heat won. LeBron got his ring. ESPN needs to calm down.

– Speaking of ESPN, the terrible show, “First Take” featuring the most hated sports media member in the world, Skip Bayless, had probably the best verbal owning ever this morning. For some random reason, Mark Cuban was a guest and was just really pissed and took it out on Skip Bayless and made him look like a fool. It was great for all the people that don’t like Bayless or are incredibly annoyed by him, which is basically everyone in the world. That Castro guy was on the sports show? No FAQ guy… no.

– In my opinion, I think LeBron will win at least 3 more. Although he did it in a pretty douchey way, by saying “screw you NBA, let’s mess up the system and make an all-star team” and leaving Cleveland, I still respect him and hope he does win more.

– The Euro 2012 championships are pretty awesome. Portugal is on to the semis along with Germany. My prediction to win it all: I’m going with the underdogs Portugal and BD’s boy Ronaldo. It’s a long shot to beat Germany but for some reason I think they will.

– The NY Mets closer called the Yankees “chickens.” This made the headline ticker for That just flat out tells you nothing is going on in the sports world.

That wraps it up for today. I know all you millions of viewers were looking forward to a post and I hope this delivered.

Stokely Carmichael’s Terrific Thursday Thwarts

May 4, 2012

BIOBLAST: Carmichael was a black activist active in the 1960s in the American Civil Rights Movement. He rose to prominence first as a leader of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC, pronounced “snick”) and later as the “Honorary Prime Minister” of the Black Panther Party. He also has a really badass name and is in my US history textbook.

– Stokely Carmichael honestly has nothing to do with this quick post.

– The NBA playoffs are up and running, Miami is really good. It sucks. I think OKC and the Durantuala are going to pull it off and make Lebron cry a little more, even though I like him.

Indiana sucks.

RIP Seau. Very interesting on how concussions can lead to depression and it’s pretty dang sad.

–  Amare Stoudemire might need some anger management classes after destroying a glass casing of a fire extinguisher or something like that. Basically screwed his team by letting his anger get to him, except that this means that big ole’ JORTS is going to see a lot more time. MAN I do not want to get in front of that guy on a hot August afternoon! Get out of here FAQ guy.

Not much else going on except baseball, which means nothing in other words, so I will leave you with some good ole’, put dem disco dancin’ shoes on, Walter Murphy.

Henry Hill’s Foolish Sunday Writes

April 2, 2012

Henry Hill was the real/fictional character from the 1990’s mob movie, Goodfellas.

– It is April 1st, therefore it is April Fool’s day. I could be a total D-bag to FAQ guy, but Kentucky is in the title game tomorrow, so I will be nice. Thanks man! 

– Henry Hill is not related to this post.. at all.

On to those foolish notes..

Kentucky vs Kansas Monday night for the championship in a tournament UK has completely demolished. Being in Lexington when they beat UofL unlike BD, was insane. Now I’m just thinking what will happen if we win it all on Monday.. It will be absolutely crazy. Sadly, I’ll be out of town.. but nevertheless, I am predicting the gatos to win. I honestly was kind of scared of Ohio State and what Sullinger could do. He could get Davis in foul trouble easy, and Craft would just be a completely annoying **** to Teague and cause some problems. But I think Kentucky will get that #8.

– More college basketball news, Alex Oriakhi, yes the annoying Uconn center is transferring. Frank Martin, former Kansas State coach and BD’s worst nightmare, is now the head coach of South Carolina, giving the SEC a lift especially with Missouri and Texas A&M now in the conference too. The UNC three, Marshall, Henson, and Barnes are all gone, but the best is that Zeller is gone.. YES!!!!! One of JR’s worst enemies in college basketball.

– The MLB has started. 😦

– Not much else going on besides NCAA basketball, but you can also vote for the next Madden cover. Now players really don’t want to be voted on the cover considering what happened to BD’s fantasy boy Peyton “whatchya talkin bout”  Hillis who had a really, really bad season and is randomly on the Chiefs now?? Well I am pulling for Marshawn Lynch and his skittles or Victor Cruz and his salsa dancing.

Here is my favorite part from Goodfellas featuring Henry Hill! Yeah FAQ guy!

BD’s worst nightmare

Vinny ‘Solo Dolo’ Zollo’s Tuesday Taboo Part 2

March 14, 2012

Wow! That rhymed! Yes FAQ guy, I planned that.

This is a part 2 to the previous post by BD and these are my (JR’s) picks for the final four and my upsets.

– My final four is: Kentucky, Marquette (don’t hate), Syracuse, and UNC. I have Kentucky over Syracuse winning it all. Yes I know that BD’s boy Unfabulous Melo is out which will hurt them for sure, but for some reason I feel like they are going to go on a tear. Call me crazy if you want.

– My upsets are similar with BD’s with UNLV beating Baylor and Georgetown maybe losing to Belmont. However, I have a few more.. Long Beach St might run the table and beat New Mexico and Louisville if U of L can even get past Davidson. Then I also have NC State going to the sweet 16 and Montana beating Wisconsin and they might even beat Vandy. The one that nobody else really has is that I have Cal, who plays USF in the play in game for the 12 seed, to beat Temple and get to the 3rd (2nd..) round.

That’s it for your quick part 2 post honoring the one they call Solo Dolo Zollo.

Ivan the Terrible’s Wednesday Night Lampoon

March 1, 2012

He’s salty

BIOBLAST: Ivan the Terrible was Tzar of Russia from 1533 until his death in 1584

– Ivan the Terrible has nothing at all to do with this post except for setting a grumpy attitude which will be utilized further down in the puestage. POSTAR- to post (O-UE). That ain’t Spainsh, that’s just #realtalk.

– To kick off tonights note sesh, I will be lampooning against Ben Howland and Bob Knight. I am not sure if I used that word correctly, but it means to publicly criticize someone or something with irony, sarcasm, etc.. which is what we usually do here at RD. So I will be having a mini rant on Bob Knight, Ben Howland, and why Shabazz shouldn’t go to UCLA.. So either click out of this page or stay on for some good ole’ fashioned RD style lampoonin’.

Well besides that, we have some cherished notes you’ve been waiting for..

– The US beat Italy in the boot 1-0. This marked the first time the US has ever beaten Italy. USA USA

– South Florida beat Louisville tonight. Go Cards! (Vine humor)

– The LA Clippers asked proven number 1 fan “Clipper Darrell” to drop his nickname. So now that they are actually good, they think they own the place.. eh? CP3 and BD’s boy, Blake Griffin have Clipper Darrell’s back, tweeting the love.

Now to move on to the lampoonin’..

– Bob Knight listed his top 5 teams in the country and Kentucky wasn’t there. Are you serious Bob.. Kentucky is obviously the #1 team in the country and the only argument that could possibly be valid would to put Syracuse over them. Just because you hate Kentucky and like to throw chairs doesn’t mean you have to be that middle school kid that purposely excludes the team that they don’t like. Another story that came up was Ben Howland. A big story about it will probably be in SI tomorrow, which will have more details but I will give you the gist of it. UCLA’s players basically did whatever they wanted whenever they wanted. Reeves Nelson is a douche, the other players take ecstasy, and Ben Howland had no discipline and said “the players took control over me.” C’mon man. This leads me to say how Shabazz should consider this.. UCLA was really dominent in the mid 2000’s but seemed to have completely lost it and will not make the NCAA tourney unless they win the Pac12 championship (don’t count on it). As a player I know I wouldn’t want to go to a team that sucks, has no discipline, and is in a complete daze of where they’re headed.

That’s it for the lampoonin’.. Have a nice night all you millions of viewers.

Clipper Darrell can fly