Smooth Summer Showcase, the Final: Ralph Carlisle

August 20, 2012

Triple Threat!

– When you think of UK basketball, you immediately think of Ralph Carlisle.  The man was two-time All-SEC, in his only two years at the school.  Soon after James Naismith created the game of basketball, a young Ralphie would practice tossing peaches and apples into baskets for fun.  Occasionally he would steal watermelons, so that he could practice with bigger objects, much against the will of his mother.  Carlisle went on to coach his alma mater, Lafayette high school to a few state championships during his run in the 1950’s.  He was also once featured in Bottle Tops in Lexington’s 10 richest Lexington basketball coaches.

– Augusta National accepted their first two female members today, accepting Condoleezza Rice as one of their members.  They did have to go into downtown Augusta to ensure that they had spelled her name right.

– The Titans named Jake Locker-Boxer as their starting quarterback.  I’m sorry to bore you, but it is a pretty slow day.

If you need to buy or sell NBA tickets, the NBA league office is creating a website for you to do it.  Thanks ESPN! That totally deserved a headline.

-Since it is a pretty slow news day, I’m going to leave you with a double dose of videos.  Yeah! Videos! This is like Double Jeopardy! A classic movie scene, and man does Demarcus Cousins love dribbling between the legs!


Smooth Summer Showcase: Alex Groza

August 15, 2012

– Well folks, believe it or not, we have reached the end of the summer.  This means that we here at the RD headquarters are wrapping up our Smooth Summer Showcase, with only one more edition upcoming.  Hey! Summer doesn’t officially end until next month!  Who let him in?  JT? Was it you? JT! Come back here boy!

– Bio Blast: Alex Groza was a member of the 1945- 1949 UK basketball teams.  He was later banned from the NBA for point-shaving in college. To hell with David Stern!  Alex also won two national championships and is considered one of the top ten players to play at Kentucky.  His brother, Lou Groza, was an NFL kicker, and has the end of the year kicking award named after him.  Though not convicted, Alex was reportedly investigated by the NCAA for receiving improper benefits from Adolph Rupp.  The NCAA alleged thatRupp gave Alex 15 cents for a ham and cheese sandwich, along with a soda pop” during his recruitment.

– Moving on, ESPN really should call a doctor, because they have been covering Tebow’s every move for more than 4 hours.  Did you know that Tebow turned 25 yesterday?  Well if you had turned it on ESPN yesterday, you would have quickly found out.  It was the second story on Sportscenter, and Skip Bayless dressed up as a wise man and made Tebow a birthday cake.  ESPN took little Timmy to a bowling alley last night to celebrate his 25th, and even allowed Skip Bayless to forever have a Tebow memory, by allowing him a picture with his idol.  

– Chad Johnson Ochocinco Johnson was arrested for head-butting his wife, and then he was released by the dolphins.  Smooth move Ochocinco Johnson.

Did you know it was Tim Tebow’s birthday????

– Now I give you a video of Demarcus Cousins dribbling through Marquis Jeff Teague’s legs. Have a fantastic day.

Smooth Summer Showcase Part V: Adam Williams

August 2, 2012

Look at this Hoss-cat.  Get it, because he played for the cats…

– Yes, you are reading this right.  Who is Adam Williams you may ask? Well, Adam Williams played on the 2006 Kentucky team and then transferred to Marshall the following year.  As you can see, the man was a stud on and off the court.  He got every loose ball in practice, tried harder than all the others, and worked overtime in the gym to get stronger.  You may say that this describes every white basketball player ever, but Adam Williams was not your normal “workaholic.”  He cheered hard for his teammates on the sideline, and was always the first one off the bench to congratulate teammates.  Oh, wait, I guess he was your typical white player…

– The Olympics are in full swing.  Did I use that phrase last time.  Yes!  Do you want to taste this palm in your face? No!  Thought so.  Merica’s leading the medal count if that even means anything.  To me, if you have 600 athletes you should lead the medal count.  Clearly the Independent Olympic Athletes are not going to win, because there is 4 of them... Michael Phelps broke the record for most medals, which makes me wonder what he does with all of them.  Does he just throw away is bronzes… I mean he doesn’t need them…

– Let’s just say that beach volleyball has been a big letdown because it has been to cold to wear bikinis.

– On a non-sports related topic, Snoop Dogg changed his name to Snoop Lion, which also baffles me.  I guess Snoop Doggy Dogg Lion is going for a more reggae look, even though he is abandoning the name that made him famous.  I’m going to miss my Snoop Doggy Dogg. I guess it is just a Lion-y Lion world now.

– The Reds have the best record in baseball.

– So in honor of Snoop Lion, a little reggae to finish us off…

FAQ guy special: Here’s another picture of Adam Williams!

I don’t think that’s the right one…

Smooth Summer Showcase Part IV: Souleymane Camara

July 25, 2012

Welcome to Part IV! What? You say sequels aren’t as good as the originals?  Well clearly, my friend, you haven’t seen Souleymane Camara’s Smooth Summer Showcase.

– Souleymane, also known by his CIA name as Jules, Camara, played in the early 2000’s.  He had to redshirt his Freshman season in 2000 after breaking the schools alcohol policy. Years later, he broke the governments alcohol policy by drinking and driving.  He apparently was driving alone and jumped into the back seat when he got pulled over claiming he was not the one driving the car.  I believe that deserves a smooth summer showcase…

– JR’s back in the States! Everybody celebrate! Jump Around! FAQ guy, I thought you were on probation from this site, and, I HATE Sir Mix-A-Lot. It gets the people going! 

– RIP Doron Lambs uncle!  But follow his Aunt forrea… She needs followers…

– Need more “…?” Good.  Because I’m not giving you anymore.

– Of course Penn State is taking over the news, and Stephen A. Smph and Skip Bayless are going at each other about what they think about the punishments.  Hey, at least we won the 1999 Outback Bowl by default!  Stone Cold Willow is the 1999 Outback Bowl Heavyweight Champion! #kentuckyrattlesnake

Ichiro got traded to the Yankees, because the millions out there really care.  Well guess what Yankees, what do you have to say about this picture?  Taken from @sportsguy33. It actually is a pretty good picture.  Suck it JR!

– Well that’s it for today.  Were just celebrating JR’s return back into the New York Groove.  Oh, yea, and this…

– Conseguir que la acción deficiente de aquí, Sanchez.


Smooth Summer Showcase Part III: Derrick Miller

July 18, 2012


– That’s right ladies and gents, its your main man BD, all back up in here.  I’ve learned some new slang since the last time we saw each other.  Your other main man JR is still in some South America cartel country at the moment, but he should be back soon, so don’t miss him to much.

– That’s right, it’s Derrick Miller, not Durius Darius Milller.

– The NBA summer league is in full effect at the current moment and the UK guys are doing pretty good.  Nappy Boy Derren Doron Lamb went off for 20 against Derrick Darius Miller’s Hornets.  Miller dropped 11 like it’s hot, so drop it like it’s hot.  Alright FAQ guy can we please stop quoting the Snoop Doggy Doggy aka the D, O, double G…. Someone knows their Snoop Doggy Dogg….Please, shut up FAQ guy, shut up.

– Enough dashes yet? No!

Anthony Davis is on the U.S. Olympic team after Blake Griffin’s injury.  He didn’t see any time against Brazil in their last game but that is because the game was close.  I still am wondering why and how Carmelo Anthony finds himself in the starting lineup over Kevin “Durantula” Durant.

– The Open Championship, also known as the British Open is this week and BD is excited.  Hopefully Tiger, Tiger Woods Y’all can pull this one out.

The baseball season is in full swing at the moment.  JT’s boy Joey Votto is injured and will be out for a month, which is really making it harder for those Redlegs to stay in first place.  David Ortiz injured his foot rounding the bases on a home run and will be out awhile.  Also, @joeybatts Jose Bautista got injured.  Injuries all around!  This is a big week in baseball, as we are past the all-star break.  Only 872 games left for the Reds since we are now halfway through the season.  

– No. One. Cares.  Let’s get onto more interesting things… Like the Sugarhill Gang!

Waymond’s International Friday Notes

June 22, 2012


Hey! You can’t do that!! FAQ guy you just ask for this, don’t you?

It’s summer. I am out of the country, BD is out playing guf, and the RD headquarters are filled with cobwebs. Well, here is that one post that comes maybe once every two weeks.

– The Heat won. LeBron got his ring. ESPN needs to calm down.

– Speaking of ESPN, the terrible show, “First Take” featuring the most hated sports media member in the world, Skip Bayless, had probably the best verbal owning ever this morning. For some random reason, Mark Cuban was a guest and was just really pissed and took it out on Skip Bayless and made him look like a fool. It was great for all the people that don’t like Bayless or are incredibly annoyed by him, which is basically everyone in the world. That Castro guy was on the sports show? No FAQ guy… no.

– In my opinion, I think LeBron will win at least 3 more. Although he did it in a pretty douchey way, by saying “screw you NBA, let’s mess up the system and make an all-star team” and leaving Cleveland, I still respect him and hope he does win more.

– The Euro 2012 championships are pretty awesome. Portugal is on to the semis along with Germany. My prediction to win it all: I’m going with the underdogs Portugal and BD’s boy Ronaldo. It’s a long shot to beat Germany but for some reason I think they will.

– The NY Mets closer called the Yankees “chickens.” This made the headline ticker for That just flat out tells you nothing is going on in the sports world.

That wraps it up for today. I know all you millions of viewers were looking forward to a post and I hope this delivered.

Smooth Summer Showcase: Jeff Brassow

June 19, 2012

– Bio Blast: Jeff Brassow was a playa player on the 93-94 Kentucky basketball team.  He played a key role in the 31 point comeback with his great play enthusiastic cheering from the end of the bench.  He was also rumored to “know” or have “relations” with an unknown players girlfriend.  That’s the word on the sidewalk. (See what I did there)

– Well, hey! Were back in the New York Groove for a little Smooth Summer Showcase.  How’s everyone’s summer? Terrible! Good for you FAQ guy. Good for you.

– No TV commercial I do not want to go to Southern New Hampshire University.  There is a reason no one attends that school.

– Brandon Phillips got an inside the park home run.  I posted that just for our boy JT.

– The Mets’ R.A. Dickey threw his second straight one hitter.  Sucks for him.  He just can’t seems to eliminate that one hit.  What a poor outing. Shut up.  Just shut up.

– Webbie Webb Simpson won the U.S. Open over Graeme McDowell and Jim Fu-Fu-Fu-Furyk.  Of course the most exciting thing about the whole event was the rooster guy videobomb at the end.  It was a fantastic move by the rooster guy.  But in the words of Webb Simpson, “Enjoy the jail cell bud.”

– Roger Clemens was found not guilty of lying to congress, even though we all knew he did.  Wait, didn’t we also all know that Casey Anthony killed her kid and O.J. killed his wife?  That is too far FAQ guy.  Too far.  I am banning you from this website for 2 days.  That means that yourrrrrrr…. MOVING OUT.  And take you Cadillac-lac-lac-lac-lac with you….