We Want Prenup, We Want Prenup’s Tuesday Prenup

October 23, 2012

What does this rando pic of Gerald Ford have to do with this post?? Nothing at all!

– Yes, today is prenup day here on RD.  It has been awhile since we posted on here, so RD made JR and me sign a prenup in case anything happens in our relationship.  I think we are ok, but RD made us do it.  What’s a prenup!?!? Just go look it up for yourself.  

– Well, since we last posted, the Reds pulled a typical Cincy playoff choke.  JR’s theory of Cincinnati sports teams in the playoffs is held up.  It looked (after going up 2-0) that the Reds would be the favorite to win the World Series.  Now, they are out of it, and everyone has gone back to not caring.  Wait, you say you didn’t care in the first place?  Oh, same here, I was just afraid to say it.  

Ozzie Guilen was fired today.  Oh, yea, I forgot about how much you care.  Sorry to bore you…

– Ndamikingkong Suh I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE!!! had a very dirty hit on Jay Cutler last night, ripping his helmet off in the process.  I hate Jay Cutler and think he’s an all-american prick, but hey it was a pretty bad hit.  I’m surprised Cutler didn’t fake another injury, like he did in the playoffs last season.  Brandon Marshall was not too thrilled, and he defended his quarterback.  Brandon Marshall should stick to getting 2 fantasy points a week….

We want prenup!

– JR’s boy Chicharito had two goals today in Man Utd.’s game.  Go Chicharito!

– They are trying to get the rims lowered in women’s basketball.  I would be down for the idea, because it would be funny to watch women attempt to dunk on each other.  And Hot! Not if Brittany Griner is out there…. That just makes it easier for her to dunk.

– Now I will leave you with some random Heart.  No! BD! I have Spades! But I do like me some Barra-Barra-Barracuda! 



The Redlegs Tuesday Night Taboo

October 10, 2012


– Wait, FAQ guy! The one time I let YOU choose the picture you don’t even get the right redlegs! I thought! I thought that was right! I really NO! That’s not the right redleg.  I’m talking about the Cincinnati Reds!  Could you be more dumb!

– Ugh. Still can’t get over that.

– Speaking of the Redlegs, the Reds are currently tied in the 9th inning 1-1 to the Giants.  They just need one more victory to move on to the next round, and Chapman is striking everyone out.  Like a moral victory!? Stop. You are suspended for a week.  UPDATE: Extra Innings.

– My favorite night of the year is tonight.  No not because baseball is actually mildly interesting for 2-3 innings, but the BET Awards are on!  While they aren’t live, you still get to listen to your favorite artists such as Rick Rozay!

– Mr. Sandusky got 30 years.  That is all. 

– That was the first time we have ever talked about Jerry on the site, and also the last.

– I think its going to be Jakeboy’s hero, Tim Tebow time up in New York.  The Jets are 2-3 and the most famous punt protecter/waterboy in the NFL may get a shot at quarterback.  Marky-Mark Sanchez hasn’t been able to produce lately, so they might have to pull Tebow off the practice special teams squad.

– Well since I mentioned Marky-Mark, why not give the fans a little Marky-Mark?  Eh? Wadda say! I’ve been watching way to much baseball, I’m sorry.

Go Dream Team!

Sargent Shriver’s Malicious Monday Moves

September 25, 2012


– What does Sargent Shriver has to do with this? I don’t even have to answer that.  Sargent Shriver was George McGovern’s running mate in the 1972 election.  Of course his mate (and chum) lost the election to Nixon but Shriver was a great American.  He was even the U.S. Ambassador to France!  I doubt that the millions really care FAQ guy…

– Well the Seahawks are playing the Packers are playing tonight, and B-Doggy-Dogg lion is hoping for a big game from Rodgers.  #beatJT.  AY-YAY-YAY-YIPPIO-YIPPI-YAY- THE B-DOGGY-DOGG IS IN THE HOUSE! No, I was not in the “lab” or the “studio” or the “boof” with Dr. Dre or Snoop Dogg Lion in ’01 but if I was I would say that line.  

– UK got massacred over the weekend and dropped the infamous “goose egg.”  Craig “Auto” Macintosh cannot make a field goal to say his pretty little soul.  Also, Morgan Newton is not a quarterback.  Just saying, if you didn’t know by now.

Seabass Janakowski nailed another game-winner over the weekend.  We all knew he could do it, and he is Oakland’s only reliable offense making him one o B-Lions favorite players.  Seabass clearly likes getting “huge” because he is “huge.”  Good one 2 Chainz! Alright, FAQ guy, I’ll give you that one.  That was pretty good.  Finally some recognition! Shut up.

– I heard that Dakota Euton and Jai Lucas are committing to ITT Tech school of criminal justice for next year.  Sorry, that’s just the rumor mill.

– We are all finished here, but of course I have a vid for you!  I might be really far behind on this, but I just saw this video this past week.  Plus, it has almost as many views as the population of America, which is kinda a lot.  I really don’t know how I didn’t see this sooner, but maybe you fellahs haven’t either.

A Siri Love Affair and Stone Cold Willow’s Wednesday Notes

September 20, 2012


– Yes, it is true… Me and Siri are getting married next week, and JR is the best man.  I thought I would just quite all of the rumors now.

– Well, Kentucky lost to Western Kentucky in football over the weekend and I have really nothing else to say other than we are probably going to need a new coach.  I don’t wanna talk about that game.  I just don’t.  Hey! Jerry! Stop pressuring me to talk about it! Too far FAQ guy, too far.

– The Reds have one of the best records in baseball.  What?  You got bored with baseball updates the first week of May?  Oh, well same here.

– Big one on one match between Nerlens Noel and Stone Cold Willow tomorrow at the Blue Courts.  Real goons play at the Blue Courts including JR and BD, and this should be a fantastic matchup.  I wish I had enough time to break down the pros and cons of each players game and give you a preview, but I don’t.  I am predicting a Stone Cold Willow victory by 3 points over Noel.  Young Willow got game.  I mean, the real T. Jones taught him about Kentucky and ballin’.

– A Redskins player is getting death threats on Twitter, which is also a case of taking things too far.  Just like the whole FAQ guy joke earlier. Hey! I got 1-liners fa-dayz! Don’t ever say that word again. Ever.

– Nothing else going on today, just giving you a quick heads up on the latest news.  Now some sleepy Van Morrison.


Fred McFeely Rogers’ Tuesday Night Taboo

September 5, 2012


Fred McFeely Rogers, better known as Mr. Rogers was born in 1928. Mr. Rogers is the most well-known children’s show in all history, and it also provided for one of the creepier TV shows and hosts during its run.  What is more creepy than a man in a cardigan hosting a children’s TV show.

– Well UK frankly got killed by Louisville on Sunday.  #Sundayfunday was not very fun for the UK defense.  Frankly the UK defense sucked.  They really sucked.  Hey, did I mention they sucked.


– Just kidding no one cares about D4.

– The Honey Badger does care enough to enroll in classes at LSU.  There is no timetable for his return to the football.  He should start attending classes soon, but we know, just like Julius Peppers, he probably does not have to do very much.  I mean the man doesn’t care.  Wait, has that joke been worn out yet? I don’t think people have used it enough lately.

Man, baseball is really intense right now!

Sorry JT.

– Just like the backup quarterback is the most popular person on the roster, the backup fantasy football commissioner is the most popular in the league.  People never seem to like their commissioners. (ahem, DC, change the league settings, please)

– I find myself pulling for Andy Roddick in his final U.S. Open.  I just really want him to win.  C’mon Andy, c’mon! Now, how bout some Stones?  I can’t hear you! How bout some Stones?? WOOOOOOO!!!! YEAAA!!! STONES!!

Smooth Summer Showcase, the Final: Ralph Carlisle

August 20, 2012

Triple Threat!

– When you think of UK basketball, you immediately think of Ralph Carlisle.  The man was two-time All-SEC, in his only two years at the school.  Soon after James Naismith created the game of basketball, a young Ralphie would practice tossing peaches and apples into baskets for fun.  Occasionally he would steal watermelons, so that he could practice with bigger objects, much against the will of his mother.  Carlisle went on to coach his alma mater, Lafayette high school to a few state championships during his run in the 1950’s.  He was also once featured in Bottle Tops in Lexington’s 10 richest Lexington basketball coaches.

– Augusta National accepted their first two female members today, accepting Condoleezza Rice as one of their members.  They did have to go into downtown Augusta to ensure that they had spelled her name right.

– The Titans named Jake Locker-Boxer as their starting quarterback.  I’m sorry to bore you, but it is a pretty slow day.

If you need to buy or sell NBA tickets, the NBA league office is creating a website for you to do it.  Thanks ESPN! That totally deserved a headline.

-Since it is a pretty slow news day, I’m going to leave you with a double dose of videos.  Yeah! Videos! This is like Double Jeopardy! A classic movie scene, and man does Demarcus Cousins love dribbling between the legs!

Smooth Summer Showcase: Alex Groza

August 15, 2012

– Well folks, believe it or not, we have reached the end of the summer.  This means that we here at the RD headquarters are wrapping up our Smooth Summer Showcase, with only one more edition upcoming.  Hey! Summer doesn’t officially end until next month!  Who let him in?  JT? Was it you? JT! Come back here boy!

– Bio Blast: Alex Groza was a member of the 1945- 1949 UK basketball teams.  He was later banned from the NBA for point-shaving in college. To hell with David Stern!  Alex also won two national championships and is considered one of the top ten players to play at Kentucky.  His brother, Lou Groza, was an NFL kicker, and has the end of the year kicking award named after him.  Though not convicted, Alex was reportedly investigated by the NCAA for receiving improper benefits from Adolph Rupp.  The NCAA alleged thatRupp gave Alex 15 cents for a ham and cheese sandwich, along with a soda pop” during his recruitment.

– Moving on, ESPN really should call a doctor, because they have been covering Tebow’s every move for more than 4 hours.  Did you know that Tebow turned 25 yesterday?  Well if you had turned it on ESPN yesterday, you would have quickly found out.  It was the second story on Sportscenter, and Skip Bayless dressed up as a wise man and made Tebow a birthday cake.  ESPN took little Timmy to a bowling alley last night to celebrate his 25th, and even allowed Skip Bayless to forever have a Tebow memory, by allowing him a picture with his idol.  

– Chad Johnson Ochocinco Johnson was arrested for head-butting his wife, and then he was released by the dolphins.  Smooth move Ochocinco Johnson.

Did you know it was Tim Tebow’s birthday????

– Now I give you a video of Demarcus Cousins dribbling through Marquis Jeff Teague’s legs. Have a fantastic day.